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About those elusive Bj socks…

[social_warfare]Found ’em. A month ago, I wrote a story on my tennis Holy Grail– the late 1970s-early 1980s Bj socks that Björn Borg wore. They were not from Fila- they were made by a company called DuParc. And here they are. Kinda sorta.

Vollaix Bj socks

They’re from Vollaix, the company that has brought back the greatest men’s tennis fashion hits from the 1980s.

“It was pretty great seeing these come to life,” says Brian Purdie of Vollaix. “Making the logo was easy. However, when I got the result and the “Bj” was screaming big (the pair on the right above) I decided to redo them. It was only a dozen, so it was a small batch. When you look at Borg wearing them on the cover of Sports Illustrated after his failed attempt at a comeback in ’91 at Monte Carlo (“The curious case of Bjorn Borg“) you can see the letters get stretched once you wear them. I had the second batch done with smaller lettering and a little closer to the original so they look just right when you wear them. Not too big, not too small.”

Buy ’em here; visiting Vollaix is a true retro tennis fashion fix.

They won’t improve your two-handed backhand. But they will look cool with some Diadora sneakers and a Borg Pro.

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