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Global interest in women’s tennis reaches all time high

WTA tennis logoThe Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) today announced key media metrics from the 2015 end-of-season global audience report, by SMG Insight, which indicate that interest in women’s tennis is at an all-time high.

Excitement around the competitive 2015 WTA season stimulated interest in broadcast coverage worldwide, boosting overall viewership* by 25% year-on-year, with 395 million cumulative viewers in 2015 versus 316 million in 2014. This is the second consecutive year that the WTA has seen a substantial increase in audience; broadcast viewership rose by 23% in 2014.

Digital viewership** for the 2015 season was up 44% year-on-year, with 44.6 million viewers watching women’s tennis through online broadcast platforms in 2015, compared to 31 million in 2014.

The two most-viewed tournaments of the 2015 season were held in Asia, with tournaments in the US and Canada completing the top five.

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