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In search of an ugly Christmas tennis sweater

Ugly Christmas sweaters. Is there a more surprising party phenomenon? They are everywhere. My search for an ugly Christmas sweater with a tennis theme, however, came up with exactly none.  They are the unicorn of the tennis world. What a shame with all the end of year team parties.

What to do? We created our own.

Our group of hipster players surely has a knack for Christmas knits with a tennis twist? Ugly? Possibly, but we think these are pretty creative.

illustration of ugly christmas tennis sweaters

Who wants to see these in color? Anyone up to the challenge?

If you want to color in the illustration, here’s the drawing to download. We’d love to see your personally inspired version. Go ahead and do a background too.

Scan it and email to editor (at) tennisidentity (dot) com and we’ll post it right here under the black and white version.

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