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Tennis gifts. Karin’s picks Christmas 2015

[social_warfare]Whether you’ve got a tennis fashion junkie, gear head or total beginner on your list here are a few tennis gift ideas for Christmas 2015:

Tennis notecards by Bloom Designs

Tennis notecards by Bloom Designs So cute and you can have these personalized with any team or player’s name.

Cortiglia tennis bag

Cortiglia tennis duffle. Totally unique. Love this one. It goes with everything.

Forten overgrips

Can of 60 Forten Overgrips Candy to a tennis nut’s brain, this container of tacky feel overgrips will keep your hitter and fashionista in the fresh. White overgrips (not pictured) are also included. You can certainly buy in smaller quantities but this jar makes an impact.

More tennis gifts on the following page…

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