Tennis Identity

3 new trends in tennis apparel

As the kits roll out in Australia it’s clear that tennis fashions are still wide reaching in personality. You want classic? You got it. Retro 70’s? No problem. Radical prints? Yup. Common between all are cooling technology. Just about every tennis garment made today offers wicking fabric and perforated/mesh panels over hot body zones.  Flat, bonded, no chafe seams are also common.

Like street fashion, tennis fashion gives the wearer the opportunity to express personality and attitude with color, cut and print. Although you may still gravitate to tennis fashion in its purest form, modern is what is peaking. Here are 3 trends hitting courts right now:

Arm sleeves.

Arm Sleeves sleeves started out as a therapeutic remedy for arm pain or sun cover and have moved into fashion territory in tennis and in fitness.

This shot of Nick Kyrgios includes a set and we saw Vika Azarenka in them last year. Milos Raonic has been wearing one since last year. This year he coordinated his to match his New Balance shoes.

Nick Kyrgios in Nick arm sleeves


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