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Andy Murray’s Australian Open gear

“I keep thinking Under Armour is just using Andy to sell workout basics. That stuff he has on in those shots is what my husband wears to play tennis.” -Karin

That may be. The feeling here is that Uniqlo does the same thing with Djokovic and Nishikori. They have no intention of ever creating a comprehensive tennis line, or (gasp) marketing it in the US- which, last I checked, was a fairly sizable market. They just want mobile ad space for the rest of their company’s stuff. Like slacks, shirts and socks.

Andy Murray in Dick's adAnd so it is with Andy Murray. While he has been Under Armour’s Top Gun for precisely one year– there still is no sign of a tennis line anywhere on the UA site. It’s as if the sport doesn’t exist. So perhaps Karin is spot on- it doesn’t take a year to get a tennis line online and in store. He’s just a billboard for the fitness stuff. (Case in point, left -an ad designed for the northeast market)

Under-Armour at Tennis-Warehouse

So here we have the latest look for Murray as he rolls into Australia seeking another Slam. (Image from UA Australia’s FB.)

The line is all performance and designed to be cooling – helpful in the Aussie summer heat – using a technology called CoolSwitch.

Andy Murray UA Australian Open

I’m a traditionalist when it comes to tennis attire, and this doesn’t work for me. However, in the year 2016, this poly-crew neck is all the rage. (No sleeves, either?) You just won’t see Federer looking like this. Hey, UA- maybe a collar style for SW19 this summer?

Andy Murray UA Australian Open

This image is from the Tennis Warehouse forum:

Andy Murray UA Australian Open

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