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Get smart with Under Armour’s new shoe and HealthBox

It looks like Under Armour has enlisted the aid of Q Branch in their latest fitness/training effort. This shoe is called the “UA SpeedForm Gemini 2 Record Equipped.” That’s quite a name, but then there’s more to this shoe than meets the eye.

(Remember when you’d just slip on a pair of Nike Waffle Trainers for a run in the park? Kids, ask your parents.) UA says this shoe records all kinds of data while you run. Duration, distance, etc.

UA SpeedForm Gemini 2 Record Equipped

And then we have the “HealthBox,” made with smartphone maker HTC. It’s out January 22nd, and it costs $400 USD. What’s it about? Glad you asked. In a nice shiny box, you get the UA Band, the UA Scale and the UA Heart Rate. The Band, shown first, measures sleep, resting heart rate, steps, and workout intensity when worn with the UA Heart Rate. The water-resistant device’s display can stay on while working out, and it’s Bluetooth Smart compatible and can connect to UA’s Record app- click here for Android, here for Apple.)

UA Band

“This system contains everything a consumer needs to better manage their health and fitness,” said Wolfgang Muller, Executive Director, Connected Products, HTC. “Whether you are a high performance athlete or simply committed to improving your health, UA HealthBox is the only system that delivers the complete picture and provides the information and motivation needed to achieve your goals.”

Next, it’s the Heart Rate. The chest strap measures the electrical impulses of your heart during workouts. Also tracks heart rate, heart rate zone, and workout intensity. It’s also Bluetooth Smart compatible and can connect to the UA Record.

UA Heart Rate
And naturally, the Scale (below) measures your weight, body fat percentage, etc. It can recognize up to eight different users. And yes Virginia, it connects to UA Record.

UA Scale

Let’s face it, all this may be just a bit much for the average tennis player to embrace. But if you’re a hardcore techie and want to know every beat, every pulse, every…everything, maybe it’s worth a look. But it’ll cost ya. Images from Footwear

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