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PIVOT wearable captures your game

Silicon Valley sports tech company TuringSense’s new product aims to completely reinvent the game of tennis. The PIVOT wearable sits squarely at the intersection of sports and technology. Unlike products using a single sensor on a racket/wrist, PIVOT is the world’s first multi-sensor tennis wearable that provides full body motion analysis (via motion capture.)

The design, built in partnership with Hall of Fame coach Nick Bollettieri, gives players of all skill levels an unprecedented 360 degree (virtual) view of their bodies biomechanics on the court. The result? Better mastery of complex movements, injury prevention and the ability to conquer the competition. Plus all your data is wirelessly sent to the cloud in real-time, so players and coaches can access and share everything instantly from any location on a mobile device.

How the PIVOT wearable works

OK, that’s all for the PR-speak. What this basically means is, the software allows you to view your body mechanics from a scientific standpoint. Do you have any wasted motion on the court? How can your movements be more streamlined and efficient? When you’re on the court, the less wasted energy, the better.

Ultimately, what got my attention is the fact that Coach Nick is in this video and part of the project. When Nick speaks, it’s worth a listen- he’s developed a few good players, no? “When you think you know it’s time to go back to school.” Makes sense. This technology is still in the works- they quote a delivery time of August ’16. Check out the video: as Coach says, “Let’s go for it, baby.”

How PIVOT works

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