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Best men’s tennis bags & duffles early spring

Got three frames? Six? Or twelve? Maybe you like a backpack? Or one of those truly huge pro bags? (Only matter of time before a diminutive player like Cibulkova just totters over on court, crushed by the weight of her massive gear bags.)

But, we’re talking men’s bags today. Let’s take a look at a few different styles Karin and I are liking right now. Seriously go with a bigger bag that the number of racquets you carry so you have room for all your extras.

Karin: Not one to want to be a walking billboard I generally steer towards more understated bags, especially for the over 30 set.

First up Nike’s  new Nike Court Tech 1 Racquet Bag

Nike Court Tech One Racquet Bag

This one is the Nike  Court Tech 2.0 Duffel Bag.

Nike Court Tech 2 duffle bag

Video review of that bag here:

The court edition bag also comes in a sleek backpack version. I do really like that one as well.

Video on that one:

Here’s a decidedly cool, retro style from adidas. It’s simply called their adidas 6 racquet bag black.

adidas tennis raquet bag

And here by string maker Pacific a hot looking bag with wheels (yah it’s got a major league logo but it’s so beautiful in navy and white it is forgiven). It’s perfect for airport travel although you will have to check it.

Pacific X team tennis bag

Brinke: Just out! I do like the  Wilson Federer Elite 12 Pack bag. This one’s got your game fully covered and more.

Wilson Federer Elite 12 Pack bag

Have to mention it…no Andy Murray signature bag from Under Armour as yet- heck, they’ve only had him under contract for a year- but everyone will know you’re a UA player with the UA Undeniable Medium Duffel bag. Hope you like green, because there’s a lot of it here. Like, energy drink green.

Under Armour Tennis Bag

PS: Back in the day, these were my tennis gear bags of choice.

I loved that Fila bag because 1) Borg used it 2) Borg used it and 3) Borg used it. OK, it was stylish. The white tended to flake off on the handle straps, but so what. I also used this one- you could jam two and MAYBE three Fila wood frames in it. I didn’t really see the purpose, but it looked cool and you had that huge honkin’ F on the top, too.

Fila bag

*Fila bag photo from Tennis Warehouse forum.

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