Tennis Identity

Light, fast, and low. This Jet is a tennis shoe.

If you’ve got the speed, this shoe won’t hold you back. The new Babolat Jet tennis shoe sets a benchmark for on court footwear: an ultra-light performance shoe dedicated to speed without compromising on support. It is also, by the way, available to everyone. This one isn’t limited run.

Babolat Jet Tennis Shoe


“After inventing strings at the origins of tennis and, more recently, the first connected racket, today we are proud to launch a game-changing innovation in footwear that will allow players to be much faster than their opponents.” -Eric Babolat, Chairman & CEO 

#Fastertotheball they say…

Advances in materials, equipment, conditioning and training have increased the pace of today’s game. Players look for any edge over their opponents and every gram counts. No need to hold yourself back with a heavy shoe. This one weighs just 325 grams (11.46 oz).

Babolat Jet side view