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A closer look at the Wilson BURN FST 99S

We first told you about the new Wilson Burn FST back around last year’s U.S. Open. We mentioned something then called the X2 Ergo Handle. Now we get a look at what that is– a plastic add on that is inserted on the upper part of the racquet handle shaft under the grip to give you a more ergonomic hold when executing a two handed back hand. Have to note that this is the first innovation of this kind we’ve seen.

It’s easiest to show you. Here’s a quick video from Wilson:

We asked Wilson how the tool add was developed and if anyone on the tour was using this feature yet…

“The X2 Ergo handle was developed in conjunction with players of all
levels, over an 18 month period. As for pro players, I have had a few
giving feedback during development process but no official announcement of
players using it on tour…yet.” – Ron Rocchi Advanced Innovation Manager
Player Insights and Tour, Wilson

Karin had a chance to hit with the Burn FST 99S and reports:

“The FST 99S is noticeably lightweight (10.5 oz unstrung), designed for intermediate to advanced players who swing fast, full and hit hard from the baseline. It’s a modern player’s stick no question.

Older players who have a more “traditional” no whip swing style may not like the small head and lightweight feel.  Those that thrive on speed and spin will like the narrow beam and 18 x 17 string pattern which enhances shot precision. Cosmetic yes but I do  like the stealth graphic that is predominantly charcoal grey. I find bright color combinations distracting.”

Here’s a video review of the Burn FST 99S from Tennis Warehouse:

Wilson Burn FST

Wilson Burn FST

Wilson Burn FST

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