Tennis Identity

Adidas Barricade 2016 Alexander storms tennis courts worldwide

Adidas expands its SS16 Energy Pack limited edition series of tennis footwear with the Barricade 2016 Alexander.

Adidas Barricade 2016 Alexander

Why “Alexander?” Glad you asked. The current theme is goddesses and conquerors. After the release of the adizero Ubersonic Aphrodite for women, this unique limited edition collection now gets a mighty reinforcement with the Barricade 2016 Alexander for men.

This shoe carries the name of one of history’s most noted commanders: Alexander the Great. Although “Great” is a relative term. You remember what Lucy once said in “A Charlie Brown Christmas;” “(Beethoven) wasn’t so great. Did he ever get his face on a bubblegum card?” No- but did Beethoven ever get his own sneaker?

Adidas Barricade 2016 Alexander

The Barricade 2016 Alexander definitely goes for the details. Did You Know™: the left and right shoe are color blocked differently for instance, based on the fact that Alexander’s eyes weren’t the same color.