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Adidas creates cooling tee for child specific heat management

adidas heat tee for kids

Adidas has announced a  new collection of climacool training tees developed specifically for kids under 10 years of age. The shirts  were designed based on results from a recent study the sportswear giant did with Loughborough University in the UK.  Research revealed that kids under 10 have different heat release needs than those of young teens.

kids heat release map

While most teens and adults can keep their skin cool by evaporating sweat, younger kids skin is more reliant on dry heat  loss all over their body; their skin basically runs hotter. With a reduced sweat response, they require full body ventilation  to stay cool and  avoid overheating during a workout.

I recall pulling my own red faced 9 year old child out of an U-10 tennis tournament a few years back because she could not manage the conditions in New England’s muggy July heat. At the time I thought it was strange she was not sweating. Heat stroke is dangerous and something sports programs nationwide are working to manage. These shirts will be helpful on court as well as grass and turf fields.

According to Dr Maarten Hupperets, Director Future Apparel at adidas, the new training tees use the cooling   technology  of  adidas  CLIMA. The innovative  fabric already at work in hot zones in adult garments creating a cooling  effect  on the  body areas it covers.

Zone-cooling technology with high ventilation combined with fabrics offering sweat management are better choices for older teens and adults.

We will let you know when the tees are available.