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overgrips for tennis

Overgrips are a bit underrated within the recreational tennis playing population. It’s surprisingly common to see dingy to truly filthy overgrips (see exhibit A below) on even the chicest dresser – man or woman.  Overgrips go on over the thick factory grip – the one your racquet came with. They offer an affordable update for your tennis game AND psyche. You do not need to go to the expense of redoing your base grip.

Change it up (please)!

Above, a few options. Left to right: Monreal signature print, RS Tennis True Tack Girl Power in hot pink, Gamma Hand Print Pink Hibiscus, Monreal Pink Polka, RS Tennis True Tack Tour in bright white, Monreal Grips Lips, and Gamma Hand Print Black camo.

I recommend changing your overgrip every 4-5 times you play. They make a difference and it’s not all cosmetic. Fresh skin for your racquet handle is of course more hygienic but it’s also functional for those who like that extra tacky feel (best right there) to prevent slipping or absorbent to soak up sweat. The features don’t last beyond that fifth hit especially if you are an aggressive player. To be honest, some overgrips don’t keep their features beyond two. Look for descriptors like extra thin, perforations, powder and more that offer help for common grip problems.

And that’s just a start; there’s a rainbow of colors so you can coordinate with your racquet, shoes and/or outfit. 

rainbow of over grips

The price? They come as singles, 3 packs, 6-packs, buckets and reels and they range from $1.50 (if bought in a reel) to $12 a grip. The cheapest option is to buy the reel of 30 but then you’ve got the same overgrip every time and that’s no fun.

There is no excuse to let your racquet get to this (below), honestly the worst I’ve EVER seen.

Dirty Overgrip

I’ll give you a closer look….

Dirty overgrip close up

Y U C K.

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