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Tennis sunglasses – A complete guide


Sunglasses may not protect you from a poor backhand or brutal tan lines but 😉 they can help you to see your opponent’s backhand that much clearer. A good pair of tennis sunglasses can help protect your eyes, enhance acuity and clarity of vision under a range of lighting conditions. Fit and facial grip is also important and they should allow maximum comfort and visibility. Read further to find out what else you should look out for.

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Tennis Sunglasses – Frames

Polycarbonate frames

You should look for durable polycarbonate frames which are flexible and can bend reasonably without breaking. There is a wide range of plastic frames and whilst they are cheaper, they also more likely to crack or break. Polycarbonate lenses on the other hand are almost indestructible.


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You should also opt for lightweight frames which are comfortable and fit closely to your face. They shouldn’t press into your temples too much as this can cause headaches – not ideal for a heated tennis match. They also shouldn’t be too loose as they might bounce up and down or even fall off. Again not what you want. Ideally the frames should offer wide coverage to block out light coming in from the top and both sides. An oversized or wrap frame is a great choice.

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You should inspect the bridge and/or nose pads of the frames very carefully, ensuring that it fits your nose and brow area comfortably. Again it shouldn’t be so tight that it leaves marks around the nose area, or restrict your breathing, but it also shouldn’t be so loose that it slips as they may fall off if you sweat. The perfect pair of tennis sunglasses should be equipped with solid, silicon nose pads to avoid slipping or sliding.

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Elastic band

Another feature you should look out for is an elastic band. Many tennis sunglasses on the market have these added safety straps to steadfastly secure the frames to your head and prevent them from slipping or falling off during activity.

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Amber tint

In terms of color, it’s best to opt for amber tinted lenses. The golden color is known to enhance visibility of yellow tennis balls by separating them from the background and in a range of lighting conditions.


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UV Protection

This is a must. The long term damage caused to your eyes under exposure to UV rays is widely known so you should look for lenses which will protect your eyes from both UVA and UVB (ultraviolet B) light.

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Light control

You should also opt for ‘light control lenses’ which reduce glare and enhance definition of your surroundings. Polarized lenses for example, reduce glare from reflective surfaces. Anti-reflective lenses are another type of lens which reduce light reflections under intense sunlight and bright conditions.

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