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Why Fila why?

The question. Why is Fila’s new Heritage Collection only available in China? The fact is killing me because it is SO hot.

Take a look:

Fila Ginny H Heritage

The new line is the creation of Ginny H. (Hilfiger, but it’s not affiliated with T.H.) who again brings her signature design style back to FILA with this collection for Spring/Summer 2016. Ginny has done a few collections over recent years – the French Open has been her focus.

The new collection is all about clean lines, elegant cuts, and a classic red, white, and blue color palette. Designed exclusively for FILA Hong Kong, the collections feature a resurgence of the ever popular knitted long-sleeve coat (now featuring a graceful dual-color neckline), as well as the brand’s signature F-box polos, which sport stripe patterns of varying widths in different combinations of red, white, and blue.

Notable items include two women’s tennis dresses, which seamlessly combine classic tennis silhouettes and subtle retro details to achieve an effortless and chic look that is perfect for today’s active lifestyle.

Fila Heritage tennis fashion

Fila Heritage Tennis Fashion

Each product is fabricated with high quality cotton materials that offer increased wearer support and prolonged durability – and there you have it, these are lifestyle and not for tennis…but living the look is just as important right?


Fila Heritage Ginny H
I like the luxury design and I’m actually really ok with it being for off court. I just want to be able to buy it. Fila??? Hello?

The Modern Heritage collection will retail exclusively in China.

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