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Comparing tennis stars to WWE talent

If you’re reading this now, chances are pretty good that you follow the sport of tennis. And until now, I would have never ever conjured up a connection between tennis and the WWE, which stands for World Wrestling Entertainment – performance wrestling if you will.

Federer and Connors

Well, top American tennis pro John Isner did come up with a connection, and he writes about it in a post on The Players Tribune. Roger Federer is Shawn Michaels?! Ok…read on…

This is all in honor of “WrestleMania 32,” which kicks off tonight in Dallas at AT&T Stadium, the home of the Cowboys. It’s a huge stadium, and they’ll fill every seat, too.

Isner grew up a big-time wrestling fan. A really big-time fan.

Here’s one of his examples comparing the best on court to the best in the, er, ring:

Roger Federer is Shawn Michaels

“Roger is my favorite tennis player of all time, and Shawn is my favorite wrestler. It’s as simple as that. But what makes this comparison really stick is the paths they have taken. Shawn’s career can be broken down into two distinct eras. In the first, he was this young guy full of swagger, the most talented guy around — maybe the purest talent that wrestling has ever seen. And based on that talent, he won championship after championship. But Shawn’s second era, which came later in his career, was just as impressive: He matured, he stayed at or near the top of the card and he put on matches that were as memorable as ever. (I was actually there, in person, at WrestleMania 25, for his match against The Undertaker. It’s still the greatest match I’ve ever seen. When Shawn lost, I was devastated.)”

John has a good imagination ehh?

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