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Four tennis stars make the “Fashionable 50” – May we suggest others?

Editors from Sports Illustrated got together with sports and fashion experts to come up with a list of the 50 most fashionable athletes in the world. Sisters Venus and Serena Williams, designers in their own right, made the list (Serena at #4) as well as the ever-stylish Roger Federer and Maria Sharapova. (No Nadal or Djokovic? Come on, SI.)

“This list is so predictable,” said Karin Burgess, editor here at Tennis Identity.  “They wouldn’t want to mention a fashionable athlete that didn’t grab massive headlines would they? What about Kiki Mladenovic, Simona Halep or Heidi El Tabakh? All pull fabulous street looks together just about every time they meet media.”

“And, as Brinke mentioned, leaving out Rafa and Novak is ridiculous. Here you go on them.”

But we digress…

Serena, Venus, Maria and Roger are of course known for their distinctive styles on court, and they take their off-court style just as seriously. (And is it me, or would it be pretty easy for Federer to step into the 007 role if Daniel Craig walks?) Enjoy this video! Below images via Sports Illustrated.

The SI picks:

venus williams

maria sharapova

serena williams

roger federer