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TravisMathew: golf links to tennis courts

TravisMathewI’ll admit, I’d not heard of TravisMathew until I saw James Blake and Andy Roddick (and also Mardy Fish) start showing up at exos with a discreet, lower-case m on their attire. Blake moved over to TM following his Fila deal, with Roddick doing the same after parting ways with Lacoste. We haven’t looked at the brand in a while and they don’t make a lot of noise so let’s take a look…

First thing to remember is, it’s all one word. TravisMathew. And contrary to the usual spelling, it’s “Mathew” with just one t, thanks. That’s hard to type as your typing brain wants to separate the names, and double the t. And the logo? The T is in the middle of the M. Nicely done. Finally, where does the name come from? Glad you asked. Having said that, we move on.

Here are a few of our favorites from the new collection:

TravisMathew by tennisidentity on


The website says the brand was founded in 2007, drawing “inspiration from all aspects of Southern California culture and lifestyle.” Read laid back, active and sun loving. The brand is, however, very casual-golf-intensive.

TM’s sponsored athletes page, is all PGA Tour guys with the exception of the three former ATP Tour players mentioned previously. Roddick’s Wikipedia bio also mentions that he is an investor in the company as well.

I’d line up TravisMathew alongside other “fashion tennis hybrid” brands such as Uniqlo and H&M. Both of those companies had been well established in the conventional apparel world before branching out with sport-specific lines. (Uniqlo has two pretty high profile players, while H&M recently parted ways with their lone tennis player.) There’s no dedicated tennis line for TM per se, but their tennis guys wear gear from the TM “Red” fitness line, which you can see here. They’re not trying to be Nike or Under Armour- this is more of a niche lifestyle brand.

I like that TM styles multi-task, looking good on the greens, streets and courts. Smart thinking.

Andy Roddick

TravisMathew BTW, like Jack Sock, is running for the nation’s highest elected office. Watch your back, Jack.

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