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25 signs you’re crazy for tennis

tennis player1.  You function sleep deprived for two weeks around every Slam.

2. You can recognize a rec. player’s level by how they feed a ball into play.

3. You bring more than one of the same racquet to the courts every time you play.

4. Your feet are never tan.

sock tan

5. Your dog has lost interest in tennis balls because there are too many around.

6. You are annoyed by how little tennis gets shown on mainstream TV.

7. You obsess over what to eat and drink the day before you play.

8. You have tennis shoes for every surface.

tennis player

9. You have a pro player whose shots you secretly emulate.

10. You own lots of tennis apparel but default to your “safes” often.

11. You wear tennis clothes all day.

12. There is yellow fuzz stuck to just about everything you wear.

13. Your hands are callused and fingers cracked.

blisters from tennis


14. You feel immense joy when you hit an ace or winner.

15.  (and better yet) You feel ecstatic for hours (maybe even days) after winning a match.

A loss? Let’s not talk about it.

16. You know the names of at least 10 other tennis players besides Roger Federer.

17. You WANT to smash your racquet when you lose but don’t because you are not a pro and pay for your racquets.

18. You carry a huge tennis bag stocked with a pharmacy, trainer, mental coach and all conditions wardrobe plus a cooler filled with snacks, water and sport drinks.

19. You think yoga will help your game but have no time for it in addition to other fitness activities.

20. You fear tennis elbow and any ailment that will compromise your ability to play – again, yoga would be good.

Novak Djokovic Yoga

21. You’ve read “The Inner Game of Tennis” and MANY other mental tennis books.

22. You know that some tennis shoes are not meant for the court.

Stan Smith shoe

23. You stock multiple extras of your favorite over grips and string.

24. You restring often to get that perfect feel.

25. You follow Tennis Identity 🙂

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