Tennis Identity

Alizé Lim rocks custom Le Coq Sportif overalls at the French Open

Alizé LimIt’s common knowledge that the Williams sisters are both into the fashion design thing. French player Alizé Lim seems determined to make her mark, too. She’s wearing a Le Coq Sportif denim jumpsuit of her own design. No, you won’t find this one on the LCS website or Tennis Warehouse..I’m quite sure this is a one-off player only design.

“Alizé in overalls? I do not believe this has ever been done on court – especially during a major” said Karin here at TI. “Kudos to Lim for rocking a look that pushes tennis tradition back where it belongs, in the archives.”

It’s an…unique look- a romper/shorts/overall with a crop top….what do you think? Agassi did the denim thing in the late 1980s- maybe it’s time for a comeback? Is Levi’s listening?

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