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Did you know there’s a Fila Museum?


There sure is. The company was founded in Biella, Italy in 1911, and six years ago Fila opened a museum in that city, as a way of showcasing the history of the brand. The museum rebooted itself with a grand re-opening last Friday. The Museum is located at 4/A Via Seminari in Biella.

Each of the nine renovated rooms of the Fila Museum is dedicated to presenting images and collection pieces from a single sport or category that played a key role in the brand’s development. Articles from Fila’s early collections are tastefully displayed next to items from modern day collections, showcasing the brand’s ability to incorporate their rich heritage into modern day styles. A continuous shelf along the Fila Museum’s main wall guides visitors through the brand’s timeline, also displaying brand mementos such as the patent for Fila’s first “Original Tennis” shoe.

Here is one of our favorite items: Björn Borg’s signature polo.

(This next video is apparently a report from the grand re-opening- but you need to speak the Italian to understand him, no?)

“We are proud to present the emotional and wonderful journey that Fila has made over the past 100 years,” explained Marco Negri, Vice President of the Fila Museum. “Today, thanks to this exhibition, we can walk through history, touching the first shirt prototypes that have changed the way of dressing of generations of athletes.”

Fila Museum

Fila Museum

Fila Museum

Fila Museum

The last image contains some of the brand’s latest designs including the collection resulting from a collaboration with Marion Bartoli.

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