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New book: “Late To The Ball”

Late To The BallAge. Learn. Fight. Love. Play Tennis. Win. That’s the premise of the new book “Late To The Ball,” by author Gerald Marzorati.

Taking up the sedentary pursuits of painting or chess at age 60 is one thing. Deciding to become a competitive player senior player on the USTA circuit is quite another thing- and much more more demanding! (Marzorati wrote about this subject several years ago, a prelude to this book.)

Gerald Marzorati

However, this book isn’t merely about playing tennis.  While there’s a lot of that, it’s more about your finals match against Father Time.

Gerald Marzorati

The author’s focused foray into competitive tennis at age 60 is evidence that, although there are challenges associated with being older (and the book does spend time on this), the game can still be played and enjoyed, at a “later’ age.

Gerald Marzorati
Younger players may not find the benefit of such wisdom, but those of us in the Baby Boomer generation may want to check this one out…and then visit (or revisit) the court. A little Ben Gay application won’t be far behind.

Late To The Ball will be released on May 17th.

On court photos from the New York Times. Portrait photo of Gerald Marzorati by Kathy Ryan.

One thought on “New book: “Late To The Ball””

  1. LOL Can’t wait to dive into this book. Am 57 and literally put down my racket at age 18, out of anger/rebellion at my parents, who decided I should not pursue my dream of playing pro tennis as “women don’t do that… and besides, there’s no $$ in tennis…” Fast forward 38 years, and I picked up a racket and found my passion for tennis reignited.. And I’m hot in pursuit of, yes, this time I am gonna be a competitive player on the seniors tour. The timing of this new book could not be more spot on for me… and so glad to know, most of all, there are other “boomers” out there like me, with the same “crazy” pursuits. It can be done… and there’s no excuse 🙂

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