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New Ralph Lauren styles for Wimbledon


As we get closer to Wimbledon (although there is the matter of that clay court event in a couple of weeks,) Ralph Lauren has rolled out an update to the looks for the ball kids and umpires at SW19. As you can tell by the images, these are traditional with a capital T. The brand is in its 11th year of partnership with The All England Lawn Tennis Club. Sunglasses, a part of the ensembles, add a modern twist.

Below, looks for the street and for the court:

Polo Ralph Lauren Wimbledon

Polo Ralph Lauren Wimbledon

This range can be be found on the Wimbledon online shop.

Ralph Lauren Wimbledon

While the look is conservative, the prices…aren’t. That Wimbledon Umpire Wool Blazer will cost you $1,000. The Wimbledon Umpire Pima Sweater sells for $298. Will Bank of America do a loan if I tell them it’s for Polo shirts and sweaters?

Ralph Lauren Wimbledon

You can also find Wimbledon Ball Girl Jacket ($115), Ball Boy Shorts ($195), Wimbledon Ball Girl Leggings ($115) Wimbledon Full-Zip Jackets ($98), the Wimbledon Ball Girl Skort ($98.50), and the Wimbledon Ball Boy (and Girl) Polo shirt ($98.50).

Ralph Lauren Wimbledon

As the Official Outfitter of The Championships 2016, Ralph Lauren Corporation says it is “honored to continue its part in the rich sporting tradition and history of tennis at Wimbledon on its 130th anniversary.”

Images 1-3 from Ralph Lauren. The remaining from

Polo Ralph Lauren Wimbledon

Polo Ralph Lauren Wimbledon

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One thought on “New Ralph Lauren styles for Wimbledon”

  1. yet again the girls/ladies having to wear mens shirts and blazers!

    also too thick and hot for June/July.

    they could have done something completely different for a change but I guess that’s asking too much.

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