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Wimbledon Most Expensive, U.S. Open Cheapest Grand Slam Tournaments in 2016

From Novak Djokovic to Serena Williams, the stars will align across the remaining three Grand Slam tournaments this year. And while fans anxiously arrange their trips to London, France and New York, they can still find a significant amount of deals on tickets and travel arrangements.

Notoriously known for its lofty entrance fees, Wimbledon 2016 tickets will again be the most expensive of the three tournaments, with prices starting from $988 during the Quarterfinals stage. Hoping to catch the Men’s Final at Centre Court? Expect to pay more than quadruple the price of the Quarterfinals – the cheapest Wimbledon Men’s Final tickets are now listed from $6,832.85 each.

If planning to attend the French Open later this month, tickets can be found from $143.62 during the preliminary rounds. Prices will increase as the tournament advances, and those interested in the later rounds will find that Men’s and Women’s Final tickets vary considerably in price. That volatility won’t bleed into traveling prices, however, as fans looking for hotels in Paris start from $193 each night during the tournament.

The U.S. Open in New York will be the cheapest Grand Slam tournament to attend in 2016. Tickets during the preliminary round start from under $100 while Men’s and Women’s Final tickets can both be found from under $250.

View the complete price and travel breakdown below, according to data provided by Ticketbis and

Tennis tickets Infographic

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