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Charge your game with Volt. New app specifically for tennis fitness.

Technology has made its way into every facet of tennis, from what you eat to the gear you use  to how you train. There are apps and devices to help you select proper foods, monitor your miles and heart rate, strokes and serve speed.

Fitness training is one of the biggest app categories out there of course because fitness is critical to success in every sport (AND healthy is trending). In the past, tennis players looking for something specific to their game have had to settle for a tennis program within a larger one.

Tennis junkies, let us be the first to to introduce you to Volt, an app that offers fitness training that is tennis specific.

Volt provides customized, tennis training, built by professional strength coaches and delivers it through cloud-based technology right to your desktop or hand held device. It can be used by coaches to implement training for their tennis teams, or for players training on their own.

The programming involves tennis-specific movements to enable proper execution and development. The end result is the player him/herself becomes more directly responsible for how their game progresses. You’re only as good as your strokes (and fitness) will take you. Ask Novak Djokovic about fitness!

Here’s what the Volt dashboard looks like on an Apple computer and laptop: (app currently just for iPhone/Apple devices with Android coming shortly.)

Volt tennis app

Volt tennis app

Collegiate athletes around the country train on Volt; it gives coaches access to professional strength training plans for their players, and it gives players the accountability of having training program right in their hand..literally. (Back in the day, Gil Reyes would be looking for a new gig.)

Volt tennis app

Tennis players are always on the road and Volt provides a personal trainer at every tournament and at every hotel gym. You do need equipment to do the exercises. The independent athlete app has just launched, and touring pros without staff (most of them) could be using Volt by the end of the summer.

There is a free 7-day trial, and then it is $29 a month. It’s an app for serious tennis players.

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