Tennis Identity

Serena Williams featured in Gatorade’s new “Never Lose the Love” video

Athletes at the top of their game can make their performance look relatively easy. Typically, fans don’t know exactly what is pushing these athletes, until now. In Gatorade’s newest ad titled, “Never Lose the Love,” viewers quickly learn that Usain Bolt, Serena Williams, Paul George and April Ross’ love of sport started at a young age and continues to push them to be their best today.

In direct connection with the ad , Gatorade is also launching the “For the Love of Sport” national campaign which includes limited-time-only bottles featuring Bolt, Williams, George, Lionel Messi and April Ross (sorry to say, no Serena).

There is also a unique cause donation initiative that encourages consumers to vote online for their favorite sports-focused organizations to whom Gatorade will donate on their behalf.  There are a total of 19 organizations that have the opportunity to receive funding that will help athletes pursue their love of sport.