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New Djokovic bag goes to the HEAD of its class

Djokovic wins WimbledonFor the last several years, the top level Nike players have worn shoes to Slams commemorating the many times they’ve won that particular tournament. (Examples: Federer and Serena at Wimbledon, and Rafa at the Australian. Who remembers the “17” jacket Fed pulled out of his bag right after he won his last slam? Kudos for the preparation Nike.

Well, as Karin just said via text: “It’s good to be Fed.”

Anyway, HEAD has gotten into the personalized trophy graphics, too. They already gave Novak Djokovic a golden racquet, and now he has a new “Monstercombi” gear bag with all his Slam wins on it. (*UPDATE* Won’t be adding one until September at the earliest.)

HEAD Djokovic Monstercombi

Wimbledon HEAD Djokovic

From now on Novak’s bag will feature four falcon icons, one for each Grand Slam tournament, with the years in which Novak won the tournament next to them. (The falcon is Serbia’s national bird.) In the past, each Grand Slam tournament victory was displayed with an individual falcon, but, with the limited space and growing number of Slams, (a tough problem, no?) a new solution had to be found. In addition to the Grand Slam tournament victories the bag also features Novak’s Masters titles and World Tour Final victories.

This all-white bag has a unique 3D molded design, which gives the bag a futuristic touch. The Monstercombi features a total of three spacious main compartments, one of them with our climate control technology, CCT+, which keeps the racquets protected from more extreme temperatures. Head also added a small smartphone pocket for easy access to your digital devices. Borg definitely did NOT have this with his Donnay Borg Pros from back in the day.

Sorry to say but this bag is available in Europe-only BUT it has a more understated grey logo which we actually like a lot better than Novak’s version. The at retail bag is also lacking the artwork but it has a handsome green interior. 😍  Well, if you achieve Career Slam status like Djoker, maybe they’ll custom make a bag for you, too.


* Dimensions: 76cm x 33cm x 36 cm
* 3 racquet compartments, 1 with CCT+ to keep gear guarded against the elements
* Carry comfortably with the padded backpack straps or grab handles
* Color: White w/ Green

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