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Vollaix: Phase II. Jr. player sponsorships available.

We’ve mentioned Vollaix a few times before– and their terrific throwback/retro designs. We are big fans here at TI. Now Vollaix has come out with its own original designs, concentrating on a minimalist black and white palette for summer 2016.

The new styles are all named after tennis cities/resorts in Florida! (Example: the ATP Tour is in Ponte Vedra Beach.)


Vollaix tennis

Ponte Vedra

Vollaix tennis


Vollaix tennis


Vollaix tennis


Vollaix patch“In 2017, Vollaix is going with the V Ball logo instead of its former curvy Vollaix logo on most items,” says Brian Purdie company founder and owner. “Warmer colors for spring with a warm red jacket to match are featured. I am also trying to court the junior tennis crowd this year with sponsorship programs.”

The styles are clean and sharp with a hint of tradition. The look? Timeless.

That said, Vollaix has a number of sponsored kits available this summer.  If you know of a junior looking for a sponsor send them right along. They will go fast.

In 2017 Vollaix also plans on donating 10% of their proceeds to aid programs such as the NJTL division of the USTA foundation. It’s nice to see a tennis apparel brand understand the importance of growing our sport to a new generation.

“I knew how much it meant to me as a kid to have a great experience learning the game,” says Purdie, “and I want others to know that too as they pick up tennis and carry it on for a lifetime.”

Vollaix 2017 color schemes:

Vollaix tennis

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