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Wimbledon worthy tennis whites for men

So, just like I did for women’s tennis fashion I want to point out a few of my favorite tennis whites for men. These are styles you won’t seen on the guys at Wimbledon this weekend. The biggest brands have the top guns covered.

Newcomer to tennis, Uomo Sport makes high end, beautifully tailored whites for men.

uomo sport

And you can’t go wrong with a Fred Perry polo. Pair it with a pair of these shorts and a v neck pullover and you’ll look like a classic.

BTW, Remember how good  Andy Murray looked in the brand?
Fred Perry whites

We also like the casual vibe Travis Matthew gives off. Yes, maybe too much color here for the big W but it’ll work in most any other tennis whites only venue. White shorts with this one of course.

Travis Matthew Whites

Vollaix also makes a very Wimby friendly kit. The shirt below is Ponte Vedra.

Vollaix shirt Ponte Vedra

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