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Getting creative with arm sleeves.

We’ve written about arm sleeves in the past. There are lots of reasons to use one. Milos Raonic and Serena Williams have worn them. They are part fashion, part purpose according to Ms. Williams.  Keeping her elbows warm helps prevent them from getting hurt if overcompensating for a bum shoulder.

Compression keeps muscles warm which helps to prevent them from tightening and getting injured. Sleeves are also useful in keeping sun off skin – the original reason Milos Raonic began wearing one a year or so back.

There’s always black:


That’s a Zensah Compression Tennis Elbow Sleeve.

But why not go all out and get a little creative with your look? Show your style with any of these:

Click the images to explore:

There’s a sleeve for every outfit. No need for clashing colors.

Both of those are also from Zensah, a brand I’ve tried and liked myself.

Or how about something outrageous? Pair these with Under Armour’s SpiderMan top from and you’ve got a pretty radical look. Tradition be damned.

Perfect for the U.S. Open of course.

That one is from Sports Farm. They have a huge array of really creative looks. I’d consider them more for fashion or sun protection.

Nike’s Elite Pro Combat sleeve comes in an array of colors as well. These are designed to perform.


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