Tennis Identity

Getting creative with arm sleeves.


We’ve written about arm sleeves in the past. There are lots of reasons to use one. Serena Williams had them on tonight – part fashion, part purpose, she revealed after the match. Keeping her elbows warm helps prevent them from getting hurt if overcompensating for a bum shoulder.

Compression keeps muscles warm which helps to prevent them from tightening and getting injured. Sleeves are also useful in keeping sun off skin – the original reason Milos Raonic began wearing one a year or so back.

Nike actually featured Nick Kyrgios in them earlier this year but he never wore them.

Arm Sleeves

So why not go all out and get a little creative with your look? Show your style with any of these:

Click the images to explore:

A sleeve for every outfit. No need for clashing colors people.

This set will be awesome around Halloween. But pair these with Under Armour’s SpiderMan top from and you’ve got a pretty radical look. Tradition be damned.

Perfect for the U.S. Open of course.


An edgy graphic in 10 colors.


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