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Lightweight eyewear for tennis

Surprisingly there are quite a few people who wear glasses when playing tennis. Contacts don’t cut it for everyone (myself included) so it’s eyeglasses inside and polarized prescription sunglasses  outside – or glasses and a hat (not my fav). What I look for are three things: light in weight, plastic (no glass on court with balls flying at you) and style.

[If you think the ball will never hit your face, think again. My glasses have been wiped clean off to the ground.]

True, brands like Oakley and Nike make decent eyewear for sports but if you want that extra edge – that express yourself -abilty – check out Aspire eyewear. I recently had the chance to try them and love how how incredibly lightweight* and flexible they are. Any little bend and they pop right back into shape (do keep the lenses protected though).

*14 g – compare to 26g for typical acetate and 18 g for typical titanium

aspire eyewear hydrographic prints

Aspire Eyewear’s Fall/Winter 2016 collection is created with a hydrographic printing technique that results in the colorful and visually stunning frames, some of which are in the image above. The brand has been receiving great performance reviews due to the lightness, flexibility and strength of its proprietary SDN-4 (specially designed nylon).  This particular collection also features an advanced nose grip system and durable seamless hinge.

Fall brings 6 new releases (3 for women, 3 for men – one particularly striking design below. If you just CANT do colorful glasses they do have basic (but cool) solids like these as well).

aspire adventurer

Look for:

• Richly colored hydrographic prints

• Post modern eye shapes

• Personality driven patterns ranging from Bohemian-inspired florals and animal prints for women; and modern, masculine, suiting inspired designs for men.

• Transparent base material, with several models featuring bold interior color for added depth

• New, fashionable temple designs provide more opportunities for interchangeability and customization

• Boldly colored, wider TR-90 temples with a pop of color at the tip

• On trend, ultra thin wire designs

Aspire eyewear is sold nationwide. Visit their website to find a local retailer.

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