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Tecnifibre releases the patriotic T-Fight DC

Tecnifibre, the official racquet of the ATP Tour, is excited to announce the launch of the latest edition of the T-Fight racquet line, the T-Fight DC. Featuring Dynacore technology along with a new red, white and blue colorway, the T-Fight DC will be available to the public on Wednesday, August 17th is on sale now.

The T-Fight DC will be played by many Tecnifibre ATP Tour pros, beginning with Donald Young and Denis Kudla at the U.S. Open. As the French might say, Good timing, no?

Technifibre tennis racket

Tecnifibre’s Dynacore racquet technology provides enhanced feel without sacrificing power or control. Dynacore also offers an unmatched combination of flexibility and torsion stability. Along with Dynacore, the T-Fight DC racquets have EZ Lock Eyelets for ease of stringing and Armor Cap Bumpers, a thicker, wider and longer bumper guard for better protection. Ever scraped the frame head on a hard court? Raise your hands if you think better bumper guards are a bonne idée. (A good idea.)

“As an expert brand, we were committed to designing a racquet that would enhance your confidence in your game.” – Laurent Blary, Tecnifibre Product Manager

T-Fight DC Series 3 racquets include 300, 305, 315, and 320-gram racquets while T-Fight DC Series 2 racquets include 280 and 295-gram racquets. T-Fight Series 2 racquets feature Synergy Link HD technology, exclusive PU construction in both the frame and the handle to render a more comfortable feel.

Pulling from its French roots, Tecnifibre’s new T-Fight DC is designed with French pride in mind. (Works for us in the USA, too.) The “bleu, blanc, rouge” cosmetics make the racquets stand out on the court. Shop the full Tecnifibre line via that link (where you can also find another red/white/blue French brand of some renown.)

Here are a pair of new TW reviews:

Tecnifibre TFight DC 305 Racquet Review

“I can’t wait to fight with the new racquet and I’m really digging the new colorway of red, white and blue!” – Donald Young, Tecnifibre Team
member and ATP World Tour Player

Tecnifibre TFight DC 320 Racquet Review

“This racquet is great for finding a balance between control and power. It allows me to adapt to different game styles easily which is a crucial part in
my game when playing against the best.” – Denis Kudla, Tecnifibre Team member and ATP World Tour Player

Tecnifibre T-Fight DC

Please note that there is a variety in this Technifibre model. Do your game a favor and match the racquet with your game. There is no sense in buying a tour level player’s racquet if you are an intermediate.

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