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New kid on the block: Nobitech, Zika-proof athletic wear

Hang TagIn addition to worrying about the serve coming at you from across the net, there’s yet another potential worry for outdoor players- the mosquito-carried Zika virus. Many high profile athletes pulled out of the Rio Olympics due to this concern, as the current outbreak started in Brazil last year.

Athletic fabrics are already fighting odor, overheating and sun. Add mosquitos to the list.

One company saw a need for athletic wear that would combat the current Zika scare (plus equine encephalitis etc.)- after all, an athlete sweating in the sun is a prime target.

That’s where Nobitech comes in. That’s “NO-BITE-TECH.” (No Bite Technology.) The company’s lines aren’t specific to tennis; consider them general purpose technology-enhanced workout wear.

Women's Performance Long Hoodie

Nobitech is brand new, launching just a few weeks ago. “We’re aiming at the athletic/leisure market,” founder Ben Wood told Tennis Identity. Wood was a participant on the TV show “Shark Tank” and also started the ViewSport clothing company.

“This isn’t a high fashion line,” said Wood. “You can wear this onto the court, and then to the grocery store.”

Wood also said that several U.S. Olympic teams (rowing, polo and triathletes among them) sent their competition wear to his company to have it treated (see below) and then it was all sent back to them. So….

How’s it work?

Nobitech uses something called “Skintex® MRIII Technology.” Skintex is the only apparel treatment approved by the EPA to repel mosquitoes using microencapsulated technology, and is currently being used by some athletes in their apparel for the 2016 Summer Games in Rio. The Skintex® MRIII technology is approved by the EPA to repel mosquitoes that may carry the West Nile virus and Zika virus and ticks that may carry lyme disease.

Yeah, but what’s in it?

Nobitech™ featuring Skintex® MRIII technology uses Permethrin; a synthetic insecticide similar to a naturally occurring chemical called pyrethrum. Pyrethrum is derived from the crushed dried flowers of the chrysanthemum, whose insecticidal properties have been recognized for hundreds of years. It’s effective for 75+ washes, according to this article on

Permethrin basically works as a contact insect repellent and is effective against multiple species of crawling and flying insects including mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, chiggers and flies. In addition to the nuisance of bites, mosquitoes ticks, ants, flies and chiggers can carry a variety of diseases. These include but are not limited to malaria, yellow fever, zika virus,dengue fever, lyme disease, rocky mountain sported fever and encephalitis.

Here’s a mini selection of their women’s and men’s lines:

Women’s Performance Long Sleeve Scoop Neck:
Long sleeve scoop neck. Modern fit in feminine contour. A technical blend of micropoly with the natural, soft hand of cotton and the luxury drape of rayon. Fashionable and functional. Inherent moisture wicking. Tear away label. TriTec™ performance technical tri-blend of 75% poly/15% cotton/10% rayon.
Women's Performance Long Sleeve Scoop Neck

Women’s All Around Full Length Pant
Full length with contoured yoke panel. Performance fit with straight leg. Smooth, wide waistband with draw cord for a personalized fit. Gusset for maximum comfort.
Flat seams prevent irritation. Reflective strip. 88/12 microfiber polyester/spandex. Inherent moisture wicking. BodyFreshé to inhibit bacteria growth. Breathable, Easy Care.
Women's All Around Full Length Pant

Men’s Performance Jacket
Woven full zip jacket, Water resistant. Comfortable fit, Secure side zipper pockets. Headphone loophole top left shoulder. Reflective zipper chest pocket. Drop tail for extra coverage. Easy access back vent with hook tape closure. Stretch elastic sleeve hem. Center back reflective elements for visibility in low light. BodyFreshé antimicrobials, breathable, easy care. Made of 100% lightweight microfiber poly woven.
Men's Performance Jacket

Men’s Short Sleeve Crew Neck Tee:
Cotton feel microfiber jersey. Short sleeve crew neck. 78/22 PTS microfiber polyester / treated cotton. Relaxed fit, maximum comfort. Permanent moisture wicking. BodyFreshé antimicrobials. Breathable, easy care, no pill.
Men's Short Sleeve Crew Neck Tee

Bottom line: If covering your body with bug spray before you play has got you down (early evenings are the worst), you’ve now got an alternative. One less thing to worry about.

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