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Trending in men’s tennis: Double wide wristbands

Tennis wristbands have long been a staple of the game. Double that. Double wide wristbands (6 ” long vs. the standard 3″) are trending. I first noticed them on Andy Murray. They are now everywhere and making a strong statement. Fashion yes but perhaps they’ll help reduce trips to the towel as an added benefit.

Here’s John Isner first round at the U.S. Open:

Fila  Heritage

FILA doublewide wristband

Andy Murray usually wears solids:

Under Armour New Performance

Under Armour Doublewide wristbands

And here’s fast rising young gun Jared Donaldson. I like the volt wristbands with the touches of black myself.

Nike Doublewide

Nike Doublewide wristband

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