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These leggings have a thing for tennis

Leggings, capris and shorties are by far the fashion choice of tennis’ younger generations.  With the advent of fall we default to the longer styles. Problem is, the cooler looking the legging, the less likely they will have a ball pocket. There is one exception at the moment.

ON'RE leggingON'RE legging

ON’RE is new on court and we are loving their super sophisticated (read not overwhelming) prints. Their CourtViper Series One line gets it and is engineered for our game.  The line features mesh vents, moisture wicking stretch and what I absolutely love, an ingenious upside-down pocket in the small of your back (on both sides).

It’s easy to pop a ball or two in place while you play, ready for easy access – with no thigh bulge.

Other excellent, ball pocket wielding leggings include:

Nike’s Fall Baseline Capri that comes in black and gray – yeah basic but these have a beautiful fit, wide waistband so no rolling and flat upside-down pockets on each leg (one ball each). Most of us wouldn’t turn down another pair of black leggings or in this case, capris.

Nike fall baseline capri legging Nike Fall Baseline Capri

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Denise Cronwall also makes a legging with a decent ball pocket. These are her Wyn leggings. Count on Cronwall to have super comfy fabrics too:

denise Cronwall Wyn Leggings

If you prefer your leggings with a little butt coverage, check these out. Some call them skeggings, some a skapri. Either way they are a skirt with attached legs.

adidas leggings and skirt

Above are adidas’ fun looking fall pro skirt leggings – this is the group adidas’ players wore at the U.S. Open. I like these with one of the two coordinating tank tops.

And below, a New Balance Skapri.

New Balance Skapri


Now that phones are getting bigger and people are using them for workout entertainment, I’m seeing more leggings with a phone pocket big enough to fit a ball.  For competition however, I’d go with those designed specifically for tennis. You are only allowed one hindrence.