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Sexy tennis warm ups for men.

Men’s tennis warm ups can be sexy in that they very discreetly cover the power and talent that is a player’s body. Worn well they exude confidence and can look a bit like a uniform which always looks polished.  I’m not talking about mismatched pants and hoodies that take a college hangover to the gym or rumpled loose fit windbreaker styles. I’m talking about fitted styles that connote good taste and accent your physique making you look like a pro, read Roger, Rafa  or Ronaldo.

The 3 tricks to looking put together are to #1., wear a warm up that fits well;  #2., coordinate the top and bottom pieces; #3 keep your body in good shape. Forgo the loaded nachos.

Color is important too. Go for hues that don’t wash you out. Traditional car colors like navy, forest green, grey, white or black are safe bets.

Top and bottom should be family in cut, color and brand, designed to work together. Below are a few different styles sure to keep you looking put together and of course warm.

Some might call this the ultimate warm up because of its high quality and very subtle branding. Uomo Sport is a relative newcomer to court. Constructed of some of the world’s finest performance fabrics (made in Italy), look no further than the elegant cool of Uomo. They are available in white (tutto bianco) or black (tutto nero) as below. The jacket runs $250 USD and the pants, $150.

Uomo sport black warm up

Uomo sport warm up black

Here’s the current warm up designed for Roger Federer. It’s the Nike Men’s Winter Premier RF N98 Jacket (retail $150 USD). Rafa fans, switch this one out for the Rafa Premier jacket.

Nike RF jacket

Fresh  colors add a modern twist to these jackets. Roger’s is purple with mango RF and swoosh insignias. We like it paired with Nike’s Stretch Woven Pants in black ($70).

Nike woven stretch pant

Off court, you can pair the jacket with a great looking pair of jeans and retro style tennis shoes.

Moving on to a very American style warm up, Adidas makes a track jacket and pant that is as classic as a warm up gets. The fabric is the upgrade here. No sound effects as you move.

The navy and white Essential Track Jacket ($40) and 3 stripe pant ($44) will have you looking like you are straight off the court or turf. If the two solid pieces are too much for you’ll still turn heads with pants of a different color if you keep them in family.

adidas warm up jacket adidas-3-strip-team-pant

I also really like Fila’s Fall strength jacket ($36) and Sport Style Pant ($30) in grey. They have a more elegant, sleek cut European feel than the adidas kit above – different identity. You could also do the darker pant.

Fila Warm Up Jacket fila-sport-style-pant

Lastly, take a look at our recent  piece on hoodies . It’s an ever popular casual style. Our picks take that team branded sweatshirt up a notch.

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