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Tennis Fashion Flash | Spotlight on Denise Cronwall

First in a series looking at smaller brands covering the tennis fashion space.

Dia Evitimova in Denise Cronwall

For those seeking a decidedly feminine flair in their tennis fashions, take a look at Denise Cronwall’s line. Cronwall is no newcomer to court but her brand has spread far beyond its start in tennis-centric Florida.

Meet Dia Evtimova (pictured above and below), a tennis pro from Haskovo, Bulgaria who wears the brand exclusively. We love Cronwall’s soft fabrics, unique prints and layering pieces. Do yourself a favor and wear the line tops and bottoms together. This is not the line to try and blend into your existing courtdrobe. It simply doesn’t work.

Cronwall rolls out a surprising number of beautiful collections each year. Understated touches of sophisticated prints stand out in each one. I am a devotee.

Right now you can find the Wyn, Edge and Neo Collections.

Dia Evitimova in Denise Cronwal

Denise Cronwall 2

Newest is Cronwall’s Wyn Collection. Touched with a print that evokes a Monet, the look is romantic and quite charming in motion. My picks are below:

Cronwall tank

Cronwall skort

Cronwall long sleeve

Find it: Denise Cronwall Wyn Collection

Coming soon, the Mulberry Collection (MUST HAVE THIS). Here’s a peek:

Denise Cronwall Mulberry

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  1. Great article! It is great to see an article focused on smaller brands – I have found that they tend to produce much prettier tenniswear than the big names. I especially love the colour and pattern on this Mulberry Collection.

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