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Dunlop debuts the new Precision line

Perhaps aiming to reassert itself in the racquet game long dominated by the likes of Wilson, Head and Babolat, Dunlop has announced its new Precision line of tennis racquets, aimed at intermediate to advanced players. The four new frames (Precision 98 Tour, Precision 98, Precision 100 Tour, and Precision 100) mark a return to some of the performance characteristics that defined Dunlop for many decades: thinner beams, slightly heavier, and control-oriented.

The Precision racquets also take advantage of modern frame geometry and Dunlop’s most powerful new technologies, including the SR-X handle system and parallel stringing, giving players tremendous feel and forgiveness.

For the past few years, we’ve focused on delivering the most powerful and spin friendly racquets ever for Dunlop,” said Kai Nitsche, V.P. and General Manager for Dunlop Sports Group Americas. “iDapt did that in an unprecedented way; it introduced the first truly customizable racquets to the market. Earlier this year, we introduced the Force racquets, which gave players huge amounts of power, but with a fixed handle system. We’ve engineered our new Precision line to give players more control than ever, via thinner beams, added weight and our latest technologies.

(Dunlop has had a low profile in the pro ranks for awhile now. While they dominated the game back in the day with the likes of Graf and Mac and the Max 200G, the only top pro shown on Tennis Warehouse to use Dunlop is Tommy Robredo. Recent WTA Finals winner Dominika Cibulkova left Dunlop in January for Babolat.)

Advanced players will appreciate the specs and glossy, high-tech look of the the new Precision 98 Tour. At 11.7oz strung and 4 points headlight, this frame is easy to maneuver and perfectly suited to customize by adding weight. It has an 18×20 string pattern and an RA of 67. It features a black on black cosmetic. (We here at T.I. call this The Darth Federer Effect.)

Each of the new Precision racquets uses Dunlop’s new SR-X handle system, giving them an entirely unique feel. Glass fiber rods slotted into precision channels inside the handle help dissipate vibration, resulting in a softer feel on your hands when striking the ball. To enhance racquet control and stability, the size of the flare at the base of the handle has been increased by 30%.

Dunlop Precision

Dunlop introduced parallel stringing in its iDapt line of racquets, and the new Precision frames also employ this technique of grommet hole placement. With parallel stringing the grommets are realigned to be directly parallel across from one another. This small change results in greater string movement, which translates into a wider sweet spot, helping with off center hits.

This Precision 98 Tour model sells for $169.99. (P.S.- TW says “Intermediate and advanced players looking for a light player’s racquet that hits a precise and penetrating ball should add this one to their demo list.” Did you know you can demo frames via TW?)

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