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Less Botox, more broccoli.

We all know that eating healthy is critical to everyone’s game  but how about LOOKING and feeling as young as those players you’re taking down? reports that the secret to staying young is broccoli and cabbage “Maybe,” they say, “we should be focusing less on Botox and more on broccoli.”

Your tennis game will only go as far as the energy in your tank will take you. If you eat a lot of junk food, chances are your results on the court will mirror that. Speed, power, and endurance come from eating the foods that will give you those things, and keep you feeling young, fresh, vital, and able to go deep into that third set.

Honor thy greens :

The Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis published a new study this month on the aging process in the journal Cell Metabolism. MarketWatch says “They found that when they fed older mice drinking water with a high dose of a natural compound called nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN), which is found in broccoli, cucumbers, cabbage, edamame and avocado, the older mice enjoyed benefits including better skeletal muscle, liver and eye function, insulin sensitivity, immune function, appropriate body weight and physical activity levels, according to the science website Science Daily.”

While there’s a long way between mice and people, there are similarities in a few areas. “We have shown a way to slow the physiologic decline that we see in aging mice,” said one of the researchers, Shin-ichiro Imai, a professor of developmental biology and of medicine, in Science Daily. “Since human cells rely on this same energy production process, we are hopeful this will translate into a method to help people remain healthier as they age.”

Americans are eating their veggies more. The United States Agriculture Department states we ate about 8 pounds of broccoli per capita in 2012, almost double the amount from 1990. More green stuff, less runs for the Border. (Now I am feeling guilty. I love me some Taco Bell.)

U.S. broccoli consumption

Besides those anti-aging qualities, the MarketWatch story says broccoli includes high levels of fiber and folate, which can help the digestive system stay regular and reduce the probability of some cancers, such as colon cancer. Vegetables are also low in calories, so they are a great weight management tool. They help people eating them feel full.

(P.S.- if you’re The GOAT- eat whatever you like.)

Roger Federer

Chart from MarketWatch. Photo of Fed from USA Today.

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