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Wilson goes really retro with the new Jack Kramer Autograph

Mercy, I feel like I’ve flashed back to the late 1970s.

Wilson has reissued their Jack Kramer Autograph racquet, which debuted in its original form in 1948. Let’s get this out front- it costs $399.99 and Wilson is only making 500 of these specially numbered frames. These photos are of #325 – did they give #1 to The Fed or Serena? It has been released to honor the 70th anniversary of Jack Kramer’s first U.S. Open win. Kramer died in 2009 at the age of 88.

While it looks like a classic wooden frame (C’mon, you’ve seen them on YouTube or at a yard sale) it’s made of graphite! If you’re feeling bold (or old), slip on an old Lacoste shirt and shorts, pull on some white canvas Jack Purcells, and then order up your own Jack Kramer tennis racquet.

Jack Kramer Autograph

With its 68 in² head and dense 18×20 string pattern, this racquet offers maximum control. I have to wonder, though. After years of using larger sized graphite frames, could today’s player use one of these comfortably? Would you end up spraying the ball all over the place?

Jack Kramer Autograph

Although this racquet is not nearly as flexible as an actual wood racquet, it does have a 62 RA, which makes it quite flexible by today’s standards. Each racquet ships with a heritage triple racquet bag and a commemorative booklet. This racquet not only provides a truly unique and fun hitting experience, it is a great collector’s item – and a great way to win one of those retro tourneys.

Maybe just hang it on the wall to admire? Pre-strung with Wilson Sensation.

Jack Kramer Autograph

Here’s the legend back in the day with the original edition.

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