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KIT-icism | Caan game

Whether today, or decades ago, simple pairings often make the best tennis outfits. The combination of classic white Stan Smith tennis shoes, two-striped crew socks, thigh-baring Fred Perry court shorts, a superbly fitted polo and a smoldering Marlboro Unfiltered always cut a fetching silhouette. James Caan (pictured) did not stop at these perfectly selected pieces. He pushed on. On to new levels. Rarified kit air.

James Caan tennis

Jimmy unleashed the three-pronged attack of hairy arms, hairy legs and pluming chest curls to infuse ultra-grade machismo into what appears to be an early match changeover. His bushy, John Newcombe sideburns and just laundered, yet casually placed towel give him that “club pro who’s sleeping his way up, and down, the ladies ladder and no one’s gonna do a thing about it” look.

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The outfit is so perfectly constructed, the eyes so steely in their glare, that not even standard issue bicentennial wristbands can lessen its impact. The defiant Caan didn’t even need a tennis racquet. Surely, it had been tossed over the chainlink fence behind him in mild disgust. Or mild disinterest. Odds are Jimmy made quick work of his opponent and headed back to the men’s lounge for a “scotch, neat” and a few more of those smooth-smoking Marlboros.

Eric Panke has worked 20+ years in advertising and prefers white tennis shoes. Follow on Twitter: @twoPANK

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