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Being an outdoor athlete like a tennis player is a two-edged sword for the skin. On one hand, exercising stimulates blood circulation and increases oxygen levels so every skin cell is optimally provided with nutrients. Exercise also boosts the production of skin’s natural oils, helps with battling free radicals, and speeds up the metabolism while ensuring all waste products are regulated. It is also one of the best ways of de-stressing which certainly reflects on the skin.

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On the other hand, excessive sweat and exposure to UV rays can cause breakouts and damage, making your skin more sensitive and prone to blemishes and discolorations, not to mention the affects of wind, humidity, extreme temperatures, and other weather conditions.

There are things you can do to ensure a healthy, glowing skin without giving up on your training.

Sunscreen is mandatory

We all know how dangerous UV rays are for our health but still we overlook the importance of using SPF products. Many tennis players said they cannot stand the feeling of sunscreen lotion on their skin during the practice or a match. However, there is a wide choice of lightweight and non-greasy formulas on the market so it’s hard to say you have an excuse. It is a misconception that you are automatically protected if your skin tans easily and typically doesn’t sunburn.


When exposed to sun rays, skin starts producing melanin – brown pigment that works hard to absorb UV light before it reaches the dermis. This damages the skin severely as the sun weakens its fibers (elastin and collagen) which causes saggy skin and wrinkles. Wear sun protective clothes, a hat or a visor. Even though you don’t feel the instant consequences of disregarding sun protection, they will emerge later in life.

Lay off the makeup

When you start training, your body warms up and gradually starts sweating. The heat enlarges your pores and so the exchange of oxygen is boosted. If you choose to wear a foundation, it will mix with your skin’s oils and perspiration and clog the pores. This way, skin locks in the impurities and breakouts (or blackheads and whiteheads) are to be expected. The key to a healthy and beautiful look lies in proper skincare. You’ll be amazed what quality products and good skincare regime can do.


Focus on regenerating your skin from the inside instead of covering it with makeup. If you’re struggling with puffy eyes and dark circles around them, choose an organic under eye cream and make sure you get the optimal 8-hour sleep. Consider your skin type as well as the current season and the external factors in order to find the suitable face cream.

Mind or diet and water intake

Skin is very revealing as it reflects our overall habits. You have to feed it from the inside too: only then will it reward you with a healthy glow. Try juicing to fill in your diet with rich foods, such as cucumber, ginger, beets, and spinach. You can eat your way to a healthy skin: focus on consuming enough vitamins E and C (e.g. vegetable oils, fish, eggs, whole-grain cereals), fatty acids (e.g. olive oil, nuts, salmon), and vitamin A (e.g. carrots, tomatoes, potatoes, fruits).

healthy foods

If needed, take supplements. Vitamin B, as example, helps with deferring the aging process while vitamin D prevents breakouts. In addition to drinking at least 2 l of water, try incorporating warm lemon water each morning and green tea during the day: they are great for detoxifying.

Here are some  weight loss smoothie recipes for a healthier you.

Exfoliate and be disciplined with a skincare regime

Exfoliation is extremely important for glowing skin. By using a facial scrub or peel, you remove dead skin cells that absorb the light instead of reflecting it. If dead skin cells pile up, it results in a dull and ashy looking skin. Getting rid of the dead skin layer is crucial for the optimal absorption of much-needed nutrients in your skin products. Otherwise, ingredients cannot penetrate the skin.

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You can make your own face scrubs using home remedies. Embrace the benefits of coconut oil: it has antioxidant properties, it’s incredibly moisturizing and it helps your skin recover while giving it a radiant glow. When it comes to your skin regime, you have to listen to your skin’s needs. Use a cleanser suitable for your skin type and don’t skip the toner: it ensures all impurities are removed.

With a little bit of effort, you can achieve the healthiest skin, on and off the court. As the last takeaway, consider the words of Caroline Wozniacki, a former #1 on the WTA Tour: “If I feel good on court, if I feel like I look good, I play better.“ A holistic approach towards health and beauty goes a long way.

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