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More tennis gifts for guys

Here are a few more ideas for the guys in your life – a bit of a random hopper full but good ideas all of them. Be sure to check out Brinke’s 2016 recommendations as well.

If you’re going to buy your sports loving guy underwear, at least get them something they can play in. These ultra dry briefs by Lacoste are lightweight, breathable and awesome feeling under tennis shorts; Rafa needs these. No riding up or bunching. Plus, who doesn’t love the Croc?

Lacoste performance underwear


Under Armour’s Octane lenses help you to see the ball better – “like an athlete.” Nothing beats paying attention and watching that ball fly, but these will sharpen the picture. This particular pair comes with a mirror lens.

Under Armour sunglasses

And, because I like life to be as simple as possible off court and hate having to keep my phone on me all the time, check out this year’s hot, tech offering, the ECHO DOT. You can control your phone with your voice: music et all while you relax, stretch, eat and more.

ECHO dot

And how about finding out exactly how fast that serve is? What guy wouldn’t want to try the Pocket Radar Ball Coach Radar Gun?

Pocket radar

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