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Tennis string review: Prince Lightning XX

First of all, I believe that Prince is one of the best string manufacturers on the market. From monofilament to multifilament, I have enjoyed every Prince string I have tried thus far.

As of the moment, I am in love with the Prince Synthetic Gut with Duraflex. I find feel, spin, and comfort readily available with these strings every time I string a hybrid setup. Whatever that Duraflex material is, I’m pretty sure that is what gives Prince Synthetic Gut its magical powers.

Because I love colors, and I love Prince Synthetic Gut, I found myself trying out its close relative, the Prince Lightning XX.

Prince Lightening XX tennis string


Prince Lightning XX doesn’t contain Duraflex. Instead, it replaces Duraflex with a thin metal foil, giving the string a shiny, colorful look. It also makes cool “X-looking” patterns throughout the string, which is probably why it’s named Lightning XX. Lastly, it also comes in additional fun colors such as pink, red, baby blue.

Tennis string

Here are the top 3 things I learned about the Prince Lightning XX:

1] Not-so-durable, but provides a high Spin potential

This string makes the ball spin pretty well. I think this characteristic is mostly attributed to the softness of the string, which helps expose the XX “lightning core”. After 2 hours of playing, the outer core was moderately worn out, exposing the metal foil “lightning core”. This metal foil gave my shots “lightning” spin.

On the flipside, the softness of the string makes it less durable than its Duraflex counterpart. After playing a total of 16 hours over 4 days, I managed to pop Lightning XX 16G on my Hybrid Setup with 17G Solinco Tour Bite. However, I did notice more grip and spin on my shots with the XX than Duraflex on similar Hybrid setups.

2] It’s Colorful, Shiny, and it Sparkles!

The metal foil makes the string super shiny. Whatever color you choose to buy, whether it be light pink or baby blue, will razzle dazzle and impress! I mean, just look at what I strung up for one of my clients! For this particular setup, I was inspired by Sriracha Hot Sauce. Therefore, I decided to go full Red on the Dunlop Biomimetic 300 Tour. And the result turned out great! It even sparkles too.

Note* Setup shown is a Dunlop Biomimetic 300Tour. Technifibre Red Code 17G with Prince Lightning XX 16G strung at 55 pounds. It even sparkles like Sriracha Hot Sauce!!

3] The color smears off on tennis balls, but only a little bit

So I played a lot with the Red lightning XX, and I found a lot of red scratch marks on the balls. It may be annoying at first, but it gradually goes away as you break in the strings. If you are someone hypersensitive about maintaining fresh, yellow, fuzzy tennis balls, then the colored versions of the XX strings are not for you.

In conclusion, I really enjoyed playing with the Prince Lightning XX. If you are looking for something to add more spin to your Hybrid Setup and/or Full Synthetic gut setup, I would recommend this string. Lightning XX = Lightning Fast Spin!

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