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Vollaix Brings Back A Retro Classic – Denim Tennis Shorts

We’ve featured boutique tennis apparel maker Vollaix here on several occasions, ’cause we really like the retro looks they’ve offered. Now they’ve come out with one of the great items from 1980s tennis- the denim shorts worn by a certain Las Vegas tennis player. Remember: “image (pause) is everything.”

Andre Agassi rocked the courts with his modern, edgy looks – especially his Nike Challenge Court denim shorts. You can see a pair he wore at the International Tennis Hall of Fame.

Let’s hear from Vollaix’s Brian Purdie on his latest effort to revive this style with the Miami Denim:

Vollaix denim


“When I started the Vollaix project 3 years ago I had the vague idea of making denim tennis shorts one day but I didn’t think it could work. The complexity, costs, and questionable functionality of the final product were concerning. At least three different companies had their own versions of these shorts 25 years ago. They were a product of the era, and remaking them might not prove popular. Since growing from our original line of 3 polo shirts introduced in March of 2015, we have been able to expand the line to include an assortment of other fine men’s apparel. Revisiting the idea of denim tennis shorts, I began to think seriously about how we could bring this to production and so we have. Here’s a breakdown of what we’ve done to make these work.”


“This is real denim. That means it’s a thicker fabric than what you are used to on the court. Of note, this is not thin denim either. It’s the regular stuff, just like your best pair of jeans and just like the originals. I will add that it is a soft (not stiff) denim that allows for movement on the court.”


“The sizing range is narrow because I made them for the most common sizes 32-37. Production on a size 31 and 30 waist are currently underway. Real denim has very little stretch across a waistband like these because it has a lot of solid stitching. A size small is likely best for someone who wears a pants size 32-33. For the mediums, they best fit a size 34 and a size 36 will wear a large. Finally a size 37 should wear a XL. You may be able to adapt to a smaller size by adjusting the buttons on the waistline. However, those buttons are more for aesthetics. I would like to say they have a functional value, but until the denim loosens up more upon a few extra washes, I would not rely on the waist side buttons to allow you to adjust for an entire waist size. I would recommend cutting off the button and sewing it closer to the side if it is a real problem.”


“The short shorts era of the eighties and early nineties don’t appear to be making a comeback. A 3 inch inseam isn’t going to sell in today’s market, but they have to be short to resemble the old school look. Having said that, I extended the inseam to 4.5 inches so no one looks ridiculous or feels self conscious about wearing them around the club.”

“No one else has touched this idea in years, nor have they ever made a quality product like ours. Will denim tennis shorts make a comeback? Time will tell, but we are the instigators.”

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