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Head Gets Stylish With New Sharapova Line Of Tennis Bags

MS logoHead is introducing a new line of Maria Sharapova tennis bags the same week as her return to match play. Such coincidental timing! (And BTW, doesn’t that MS logo look a lot like a dollar $ign to you?) These bags have a clean, elegant look to them, much like the player herself. Would Maria tote some garish thing onto the court with a lot of stripes and logos? Not on your life. These scream high-end luxury quality, like a Louis Vuitton carryall. Let’s take a closer look. (We checked out her Nike line here too, just sayin’.)

What Inspired The New Bag Collection?

Maria Sharapova Court Bag

Maria Sharapova Court Bag

Its main compartment features climate control technology CCT+ which keeps your racquets protected from the heat. A new luxury logo, premium rose-golden zippers, a detachable and adjustable shoulderstrap as well as inside and outside pockets, and an extra shoe bag are only a few of the bag’s compelling features. Available at TW/Europe.

Maria Sharapova Court Bag

What’s Your Favorite Design Element Of The New Bag?

Maria Sharapova Racquet Combi Bag

The Combi bag features brand new petrol colors, and a combination of high-quality PU leather material and oxford nylon complete with a special sewing pattern as well as Maria’s personal logo and signature. At the same time, it is highly functional with climate control technology CCT+ which ensures that your equipment is safe from high temperatures. A total of three main compartments offer enough room for all your equipment, a stylish shoe sack keeps your dirty shoes separated from the rest of your clothes, and a side pocket as well as an inside mesh pocket provide additional space for quick access.

 Maria Sharapova Racquet Combi Bag

What Does Maria Look For In A Racquet Bag?

Women’s 2 Way Club Bag

Inspired by the design of Maria Sharapova’s Court and Combi bags, this one allows you to change from practical backpack to functional club bag in a few seconds so you are super flexible in every situation. One main and an additional front compartment provide room for all of your stuff and makes it the perfect companion for your trip to the court as much as for a shopping spree. No Maria branding on this model, just to be clear. Available at TW/USA.

Women's 2 Way Club Bag

And finally….

What’s In Maria’s Bag?

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  1. I love this bag and I want to have my own soon. I think I should replace my bag from the same manufacturer since it’s already 4 years old. 🙂

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