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Say Hello To The HEAD MxG: Your Tennis Game Just Got Better

HEAD tennis has released the first tennis racket technology that combines precision-injected Magnesium and Graphene to provide what’s being billed as the ultimate balance of power and control. The revolutionary design also provides excellent stability at a very low weight, helping players at every level raise their game.

I am a big fan of HEAD rackets and have been playing with their Graphene Touch Speed MP since it came out. I’m VERY curious about the game improving upgrades that the MxG promises and honestly can’t wait to give it a rip.

Tennis rackets typically fall into power OR control categories. Yes, why not both? The MxG offers what I, as a recreational player, consider two critical assets in one very sleek cosmetic.

HEAD tennis racket MXG

We conducted extensive player research and identified the need for both power and control in a racket. Based on these results, we developed MxG, an entirely new technology that merges two materials together for the ultimate balance of power and control, says Ottmar Barbian, EVP Racquet Sport.

The secret to power under control lies in the innovative Magnesium Bridge construction that allows for longer free-moving main strings. This leads to a much larger sweet spot and, ultimately, more power. At the same time, the molded bridge ensures that the upper hoop does not deform under pressure, which gives the player total control on every shot. I like the sound of that.

Find it: TW USA or TW Europe.

The MxG racquet series will be available for test and purchase in early May 2017 in two different models (for tournament and club players) at selected retailers.

HEAD tennis racket MXG

P.S. Novak fans, did you catch this? #PlayersOnly

Find it: TW USA or TW Europe.

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