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A Croc is Born: Novak Djokovic Signs With Lacoste

LacosteAfter months of rumors and more rumors, Lacoste has officially announced the signing of Novak Djokovic to an apparel deal, at a media event in Monte Carlo. If you’ve been following TI, you’ve known we were on it. It’s a busy week for the Serb, having just announced his bringing on Andre Agassi as a guru/mentor/Svengali/PT coach starting with the French. New look, new coach, and with Federer skipping the French and Murray in a total funk, the trophy is once again in site, despite a drubbing by Zverev at the Italian.

(TW/USA and TW/Europe are just starting to get this line in- check ’em out.)

Novak Djokovic Lacoste

Debuting at the French Open, Djokovic will be Lacoste’s brand ambassador, both on and off the tennis court. The French website values the three year deal at 30 million euros, or $33 million US. The site also mentions Djokovic rebuffed overtures from adidas and Nike, preferring to be the lead name for Lacoste instead.

I care about what I wear on the court. I think it’s important. It’s not just the way you feel in the clothes, but the way you look, the way you carry that on the court, the way you’re related to the brand. You can just sense that different feel, that different energy and aura around the player when that player is completely aligned with the values of that brand. I feel very close to Lacoste at the moment, and I’m sure I’ll feel great in whatever I wear. -Novak Djokovic

The new partnership includes a Novak Djokovic-branded collection.  His signature continues from his Uniqlo line- you can see it on the left sleeve. Here’s a look at some of the polos planned for Novak’s line. First up will be a design for the French Open. The graphics are said to reflect the lines of a tennis court. The colors are those of the Serbian flag. I have to say that Novak looks great in the line.

French Open Lacoste Polo Novak Djokovic

The Wimbledon look is straightforward, clean and classic – featuring the tennis polo we all grew up on. Predominantly white for SW19, of course.

Novak Djokovic WimbledonHere’s the polo planned for the US Open:

Lacoste US Open Novak Djokovic

And another for the Asian swing:

Novak Djokovic Asia Lacoste

Lacoste will also be rolling out a new advertising campaign that transitions the brand from the past to present featuring Rene Lacoste and Novak Djokovic as the icons that they are. The good thing here is, Lacoste is available pretty much everywhere, as opposed to his previous Uniqlo line which was very hard to find. (He has also previously been with adidas and Sergio Tacchini. His signature adidas shoe remains part of his look.) The Djoker has always had a stylish game, and now he has the classic, timeless attire to match it. All in all, a nice 30th birthday celebration for the world #2.

Ad campaign Novak Djokovic

*Quote via Esquire

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  1. I love the new collection and how they made a story from Rene Lacoste to Novak Djokovic. So the rumors are true then that he’ll be joining Lacoste. I am hoping to see more visibility on Lacoste in tournaments.

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