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Beauty Diaries of Tennis Superstars

Scorching sun, unbearable heat, strong winds; hour-long matches and practices don’t just take toll on tennis players’ elbows and knees, but on their hair as well. Yet, in the moments of their greatest distress, the cameraman tends to zoom in so that we can see their every single imperfection; but then, the strangest thing happens – we cannot find any.

Serena Williams

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What are their beauty secrets? What beauty products are they carrying in that tennis bag alongside their racquets?

Makeup for a big match?

It’s a huge no-no. Every tennis pro will tell you they wear zero makeup when on the court, primarily because they cannot risk getting their mascara into their eyes. Stunning Maria Sharapova says that even off court, she turns to natural look and prefers a fresh-faced glow. For a night out, she’ll opt for nothing more than a fun pink lipstick, brow pencil, a concealer and a mascara.

Ana Ivanovic, as well, states how she never wears makeup. She doesn’t want to worry about anything coming off; Ana emphasizes how she even steers away from a waterproof mascara, since it is too hard to remove.

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High hairstyles

The higher the ponytail, the greater the chances for success. When we asked Ana about her favorite hairdo, she said she prefers to keep it simple – she either gathers it in a ponytail or a braid so that her ends don’t get into her eyes at the most important moments in a match.

high hairstyles

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All tennis players say how they have to wash their hair every day, due to the challenging trainings and sweating. But when it comes to specific products they use, they keep it rather simple: they prefer to nurture their hair with hair vitamins, since they are the only weapon that proved strong enough to fight sun and wind players are exposed to on a daily basis. Vitamins are highly nutritious and keep the hair healthy no matter the environment the tennis match is at. Some tennis players also carry different leave-in moisturizing sprays which are highly nutritive when they play in extremely dry areas.

Here are a few additional hair care tips for tennis players.

Body & Skin

Due to the excessive exposure to the sun, tennis players occasionally get dark spots which are, more often than not, not so easily prevented with a high SPF factor. Sharapova promotes microdermabrasion treatments, while Caroline Wozniacki, with her peaches-and-cream complexion says that she ensures she has sunscreen on every part of her body – face, shoulders, arms… everything!

body and skin tennis

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Since they tend to get sweaty, players also need waterproof formulas that are less likely to melt, and are highly likely to keep their skin protected and wrinkle-free.

Never skip a meal…or sleep!

eat healthy for tennis

Since professional tennis players most commonly have practice in the morning, they need a light meal that will keep them energized, and Ana shares her absolute favorite: egg-white omelet with toast, or porridge. And it’s not just about gathering enough strength for a match or a practice – skipping meals results in a dull and dry skin and flat and shine-less hair. Any time you skip a meal, you are reducing the amount of necessary nutrients that you need to keep your hair voluminous, your skin radiant and healthy.

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  1. Ana Ivanovic also promotes the use of sunscreen for Shiseido. It’s a big no for players to use make up but as what Maria said before, she knows some players who wears it. I think it’s best to go natural! I really like Ana Ivanovic’s skin. Very natural look!

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